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Sodium Aluminate Liquid - Manufacturer of Sodium Aluminate Liquid, Mudra Enterprises, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. - Manufacturer of Sodium Aluminate Liquid, Mudra Enterprises, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Sodium Aluminate Liquid

Sodium Aluminate Liquid is extensively used in building chemicals, pulp and paper, municipal drinking water and waste water treatment systems.

Sodium aluminate liquid can function in applications without the need for caustic since it is an alkali. It offers a cheap supply of alumina that is highly reactive.

For the removal of phosphorus in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, sodium aluminate liquid is gaining popularity. Numerous facilities are adopting biological and chemical treatment systems for the reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus due to tighter discharge limitations. However, both of these treatment methods have the potential to reduce the effluent pH below acceptable discharge levels and deplete the available alkalinity.

Sodium Aluminate Liquid Specifications

Alumina trihydrate (ATH) is dissolved in Sodium Hydroxide and water and as part of the manufacturing process for sodium aluminate liquid. Strongly alkaline Sodium Aluminate Liquid is stabilised to stop alumina from precipitating. Sodium aluminate liquid is offered in a range from 38 to 45% Solution.

Transportation & Packaging

Standard Packing

SS Tankers Capacity 25-35 MT
20 Feet Container 24.30 MT (1.35 MT x 18 IBC)
HDPE Drum 0.280 MT (280 Kg)
HDPE Carboys 0.035 MT (35 Kg)

We are at Industrial hub Ahmedabad in Gujarat State of India near by ports are Kandla, JNPT and ICD-Ahmedabad. Also we are servicing domestic clients through reliable transports in Full or part load.

Typical Applications

Typical uses of Sodium Aluminate liquid include the following:

  • Drinking water treatment applications
  • Clarification and phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment applications
  • Lime softening aid in process and groundwater treatment applications
  • pH adjustment and pitch control in paper mill applications
  • Surface treatment in titanium dioxide manufacturing applications
  • Synthetic zeolite and catalyst production
  • Refractory cement additives
  • Concrete additives
  • Industrial detergent compounds
  • Manufacturing Industrial Glue
  • Sodium Aluminate As a Heterogeneous Base Catalyst for Biodiesel Production

Typical Properties

Properties UOM SA 38 SA 40 SA 45
Solids Wt.% 38.00 40.00 45.00
Al2O3 Wt.% 21.00 22.50 25.00
Na2O Wt.% 17.00 17.50 19.70
Specific Gravity - 1.45-1.48 1.48-1.52 1.52-1.55
Fe ppm 50 50 50
pH 1% Solution - >12 >12 >12

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